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As simple as the joy of eating tasty dishes and trying new restaurants back in Sydney, Australia, five friends decided it is time to open their own at their hometown Jakarta, Indonesia.

The process started with establishing the parent company, Atelier Kreasi Indonesia, which will become the main foundation for the group. Atelier is the French word for “workshop”, while Kreasi is the Indonesian word for “creation”. Combined, they stand for “a workshop to be creative”, since the group believe that they will create many creative ventures in the future.

For the restaurant, the name Mama Goose was chosen from a character in children book. Although it is children story, the owners does not treat it in childish manner. The name is a reminder on how the character nurtures her goslings, providing the best quality available. This personality echoes on the restaurant concept, where the Mama Goose team tries to serve comfort tasty food with reasonable price while using the best local ingredients. The team aims to create home-made dishes with Mama Goose’s own twist and other innovative dishes that are only available at the restaurant.

In order to create the ideal venue, the group collaborated with architecture studio MINT-DS. The idea was modern rustic with industrial treatment yet homey and comfortable. With vertical garden on the facade, the establishment is truly a fresh sight in the middle of busy street Panglima Polim.

Come visit Mama Goose restaurant at
Common House, Level 2 – Panglima Polim 9 No. 16, Jakarta Selatan.